Women trafficking in the UAE

In Nigeria and some west African counties a lot of young women are trafficked to the UAE for Sex. These women understand nothing about western life but in the name of money the traffickers are ruthless. The passports are organised at a lightening speed and once they receive the passports then pages are turned. Once they arrive in the Arab Emirates they have to go look for men in anyways as long as they report to the big boss early in the morning with the required amount in hand. It is ruthless what human beings are capable of doing. The women who are trafficked to UAE are quoted very high amounts that they have to go sell their bodies everday to pay back the debt they owe the traffickers. It is a shame!

In Kenya women are recruited by some agencies then sent to UAE as house maids in which most of these women don’t t make it back alive. To prove it right, you need to visit the jails in Saudi Arabia Oman and Dubai. Alot of Africans languish in jail, they always try to contact us for help. We have received a lot of requests only in a period of three months from most of those women jailed in the UAE. The reason they are in jail is not because of crime but because jail is a safe heaven. They ran away from the employers and report to police station. Common reports are the employer tried to rape her or they are not paid or they work in unfair conditions, to the employer mistreats her. In turn, once they report to the police station they are thrown to jail and told to look for filght ticket to go back to their homeland. A zero turn point is where the recruiting agencies are contacted to no avail. Most of them stay for months in jail until the government intervenes.

As a non profitable organisation we have to stop all these because at the end of it all someone somewhere is suffering. All those agencies that recruites women without any formal agreement have to be stopped. And the traffickers have to go to jail because they deserve it!